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Miami inhabits the rhythm of both pre and post apocalyptic realities, the in-between worlds and possibilities. In reaction to the forecast of destruction and climate collapse, (F)empower welcomes you to encounter what is left of our dying world.

Through immersive art environments, installations, panels, performances, and multidisciplinary media, 2040 submerges you into the future, that in this moment, has already passed us by. To stay afloat, elevate your spatial and temporal awareness of the then, the now, and the will be.

OPENING NIGHT (DEC 6, 7-11PM) - $7 Pre-Sale

The opening night will feature a fashion presentation with styles set in the apocalypse, entitled “Project Z” - headed by emerging Miami stylists Margo Hannah, Carleen Donawa, and Stephanie Bigot.

  • Project Z will display Generation Z as the last generation to have an impact on society. Models on the runway represent all youth that were out-casted, mistreated and neglected by society due to the “status quo” set by social media. They will be presented in an illuminating light as the last generation and saviors of a self-destructing, dying world.

  • Sounds by: Loka + Sel.6

  • Opening Night Drinks by Deep Eddy.

DEC 7 (12-5PM) - Free

Pairing the visceral art experience with discussion, 2040 will host several panels and programs on Dec 7th, zooming in on the multiple realities of societal environmental destruction.

  • 12:00-1:00PM: Afro-Futurist Visions (short film screenings): is a collection of short films exploring the effects of climate change through environmental racism, capitalism, and resistance. Despite the grim reality of the climate crisis, each film manages to reflect the radical resilience and rebirth that destruction makes way for - of both the earth and the African diaspora.

  • 1:00-2:15PM: The Future is Non-Binary (a performance lecture): Stas Schmiedt and Lea Roth of Spring Up in partnership with Kofa, a new non-binary and trans* youth leaders cohort will take you on a journey into the future of gender. Open your eyes to the ways the gender paradigm is falling apart and start to see the future in full color.

  • 2:15-3:00PM: The Future of Fashion: Fashion has the power to destroy both the environment and people's self esteem. Fashion designer Becca McCharen-Tran will walk us through how we can change our minds and our environment through what we wear, and how fashion labels are working to be the positive change we need to see in the world to survive climate disaster. Case studies from Chromat's New York Fashion Week runway shows that reference socio-political anxieties and sustainability practices will illustrate ways we can be proactive about environmental and community healing.

  • 3:00-4:00PM: The Language of Survival (a panel discussion): a conversation exploring the collective, tangible ways in which Miami’s black and brown communities are reconnecting with the land and using these as vehicles to heal, decolonize, radicalize, and equip ourselves with ancestral wisdom of survival, in the face of Miami's apocalyptic climate fate. Moderated by Niki Franco.

  • 4:00-5:00PM: Closeout Party featuring sounds by Ashley Venom and a performance by Tamahoochie.

THE MIAMI TAPES by Chroma: Throughout the day Chroma, a creative studio that centers the work and perspectives of womxn of color, will curate an intimate space for creative thinking and skill sharing as we consider and archive concepts of sanctuary for womxn of color during times of turbulence. Artists and curators will be invited to engage in 30 to 45 minute conversations regarding their work and apocalypse. The conversations will be recorded and later distributed through our Chroma Radio.


Soundscapes by: Suzi Analog & Loka

Installs by: Nicole Combeau, Helen Peña, Mumbi O'Brien, Ashley Varela & Vidium

Illustrations by: Catherine Villalonga

Sculptures by: Adrienne Tabet

Special thanks to: